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Pass Pack pill pouches

Your presciptions can be individually packed in pouches according to the doctors instructions. Family members/caregivers can easily understand which medicines to administer at the appropriate times during the day or night.

Allow West Lake Pharmacy to help separate each daily dose you need by time and day. Also, any over the counter suplements can be included in the pill packs as well. With your Pill Packs there will be no more confusion on which pills to take/give to your family members. West Lake Pharmacy does the work for you with 1 or 3 month Pill Packs.

  • Each pill pouch is marked with the patient name
  • The time for each administration is clearly marked on the pouch
  • Each medication name is listed along with the strength
  • Directions as to how to take are also listed for each drug
  • Optional bar code for bedside scaning can be included

Individual pill pouches

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